Paul Ranson

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Paul Ranson

Portrait of Paul Ranson by Paul Sérusier
Paul Ranson (March 29, 1864 – February 20, 1909) was a French painter and writer.
Paul-Elie Ranson was born in Limoges and studied at the École des Arts Décoratifs there before moving to Paris and transferring to the Académie Julian in 1886. There he met Paul Sérusier in 1888. Subsequently from 1890 he became a member and a creative leader of the Nabis group. They gathered at his studio in the Boulevarde du Montparnasse each Saturday. He was the one who introduced the Nabi language within the group.
In 1908, he created the Académie Ranson with his wife Marie-France, to teach the Nabi ideas and techniques. After his death in Paris in 1909, his wife continued to run the academy.

Ranson, Paul Sérusier and Marie-France Ranson in Ranson's studio
Paul Ranson 

b Limoges, 1864; d Paris, 20 Feb 1909.

French painter and designer. The son of a successful local politician, Ranson was encouraged from the outset in his artistic ambitions. He studied at the Ecoles des Arts Dйcoratifs in Limoges and Paris but transferred in 1886 to the Acadйmie Julian. There he met Paul Sйrusier and in 1888 became one of the original members of the group known as the NABIS. From 1890 onwards, Ranson and his wife France hosted Saturday afternoon meetings of the Nabis in their apartment in the Boulevard du Montparnasse, jokingly referred to as ‘Le Temple’. Ranson acted as linchpin for the sometimes dispersed group. Noted for his enthusiasm and wit and for his keen interests in philosophy, theosophy and theatre, he brought an element of esoteric ritual to their activities. For example he introduced the secret Nabi language and the nicknames used familiarly within the group. He also constructed a puppet theatre in his studio for which he wrote plays that were performed by the Nabis before a discerning public of writers and politicians.



Apple Tree with Red Fruit

The Awakening


The Blue Cliffs

Christ and Buddha

The Clearing



Four Decorative Panels: Arums and Purple and Yellow Irises

Four Decorative Panels: Iris and Large Yellow and Mauve Flowers

Four Decorative Panels: Sunflowers and Poppies

Four Decorative Panels: Thistle and Digitales


Five Woman at the Harvest

Four Woman at a Fountain


Three Women Harvesting

Goûter au Pays basque

Introduction to Music

Japanese Style Landscape


'Nabic' Landscape

The Patient

Picking Flowers

The Reader

Rocks in Eskual Heria


Snack among the Dunes

Three Beeches

Three Women and Their Pots at the Fountain

Tom Thumb

Tom Thumb

Two Girls next to the Head of Orpheus

The Vanity of Mice


The Visitation

Witch and Cat

A Witch in the Swamp

Woman and Blue Bird

Woman Crying

Woman Standing at a Balustrade with a Poodle

Woman with a Dog Wearing a Collar

Woman with Jumping Dog

Woman with Pitcher