Francisco de Goya

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"Los Caprichos"
"Los desastres"
Francisco de Goya
"Los Caprichos" (1797-1799)

Francisco Goya y Lucientes, Painter

El si pronuncian y la mano alargan, Al primero que llega

They Say Yes and Give Their Hand

To the First Comer

Que viene el Coco

Here comes the Bogeyman

El de la rollona

Nanny's Boy

Tal para qual

Two of a Kind

Nadie se conoce

Nobody Knows Himself

Ni asi la distingue

Even Thus, He Cannot Make Her Out

Que se la llevaron!

They Carried Her Off!



El amor y la muerte

Love and Death

Muchachos al avío

Lads Making Ready

A caza de dientes

Yera su madre

Estan calientes

They Are Hot

Que sacrificio!

What a Sacrifice!

Bellos consejos

Pretty Teachings

Dios la perdone: Y era su madre

For Heaven's Sake: And It Was Her Mother

Bien tirada esta

It Is Nicely Stretched

Y sele quema la casa

And His House Is On Fire

Todos Caeran

All Will Fail

Ya van desplumados

There They Go Plucked, i.e. Fleeced


Qual la descanonan!

How They Pluck Her!


Poor Little Girls!

Aquellos polbos

Those Specks of Dust

Nohubo remedio

Nothing Could Be Done About It

Si quebro el Cantaro

Yes, Her Broke the Pot

Ya tienen asiento

They Already have a Seat

Quien mas rendido

Which of Them Is More Overcome?



Esto si que es leer

That Certainly Is Being Able to Read

Porque esconderlos!

Why Hide Them?

Ruega por ella

She Prays for Her

Po que fue sensible

Because She Was Susceptible

Al Conde Palatino

To the Count Palatine

Count of the Palate

Las rinde el Sueno

Sleep Overcomes Them

Le descanona

She Fleeces Him

Mala noche

A Bad Night

Si sabra mas el discipulo?

Might Not the Pupil

Know More?



Asta su abuelo

And So Was his Grandfather

De que mal morira?

Of What Ill Will He Die?


Ni mas ni menos

Neither More Nor Less

Tu que no puedes

Thou Who Canst Not

El sueno de la razon produce monstruos

The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters

Hilan delgado

They Spin Finely

Mucho hay que chupar

There Is Plenty Tot Suck



Obsequio a el maestro

A Gift for the Master


Tale-bearers - Blasts of Wind



Los Chinchillas

The Chinchillas

Se repulen

Thery Spruce

Themselves Up

Lo que puede un Satre!

What a Tailor Can Do!

Que pico de Oro!

What a Golden Beak!

El Vergonzoso

The Shamefaced One

Hasta la muerte

Until Death

Subir y bajar

To Rise and to Fall

La filiacion

The Filiation, i.e. Relationship

Tragala perro

Swallow It, Dog

Y aun no se van!

And Still they Don't Go!





They have Flown, i.e. Gone for Good!

Quien lo creyera!

Who would have thought it!

Miren que grabes!

Look how solemn they are!

Buen Viage

Bon Voyage

Donde va mama?

Where is mother going?

Alla va eso

There it goes

Aquanda que te unten

Wait until you have been anointed

Linda maestra!

Pretty teacher



Devota profesion

Devout profession

Si amanece; nos Vamos

When day breaks, we will be off

No te escaparas

You will not escape

Abejor es holgar

It is better to be lazy

No grites, tonta

Don't scream, stupid

No hay quien nos desate?

Can't anyone untie us ?

Esta um...pues, Como digo.. eh! Cuidado. n no...

You understand? .. Well, as I say.. eh! look out! otherwise...

Unos a otros

What one does to another

Despacha que dispiertan

Be quik they are waking up

Nadie nos ha visto

Nobody has seen us

Ya es hora

It is time



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