Samuel Scheidt  
Samuel Scheidt
Samuel Scheidt, (born 1587, Halle, Saxony [Germany]—died March 24, 1654, Halle), organist and composer who, with Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck, influenced the Baroque organ style of northern Germany.
Scheidt studied with Sweelinck in Amsterdam and by 1604 became organist at the Church of St. Maurice (Moritzkirche) in Halle. About 1609 he became organist, and later chapelmaster, to the Margrave of Brandenburg. He was esteemed as a teacher, and his pupils included the composer Adam Krieger.

Scheidt’s first published works included sacred vocal music, notably Cantiones sacrae (1620) for eight voices, and four books of Geistliche Concerten (1631–40) for two to six voices and continuo. The publication of his Tabulatura nova (three parts, 1624) was an important event in the history of organ music. The title refers to the musical notation used: keyboard tablature in the Italian sense (i.e., staff notation, rather than the alphabetical tablature used in earlier German organ music). The collection contains fantasias, toccatas, “echo pieces,” organ responses for liturgical use, and, most important, variations on chorale melodies.

Scheidt’s subjection of the chorale melody to musical variations and his use of different combinations of voices and instruments in the different stanzas foreshadowed the later Lutheran cantatas based on chorales. Scheidt’s work, though influenced by Sweelinck, shows his own skill in counterpoint. His Tablatur-Buch (1650) contains harmonized accompaniments for 100 sacred songs and psalms, pointing to the growing practice of congregational singing in Lutheran churches.

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Samuel Scheidt - Paduan a 4 - Gustav Leonhardt
Samuel Scheidt Ludi Musici, Hesperion XX Jordi Savall
Samuel Scheidt - Surrexit Christus Hodie
Samuel Scheidt - Puer Natus
German Brass Samuel Scheidt Suite für Blechbläser 2 2 xvid 001
Samuel Scheidt - Veni Redemptor gentium
Daniel Bouldjoua, organist of Freiburg's reformed church plays Samuel Scheidt's organ verse "Veni Redemptor gentium" (Come, o redeemer of peoples).
Samuel Scheidt - "Das alte Jahr vergangen ist".m4v
Samuel Scheidt - Geistliche Konzerte
Samuel Scheidt, Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland, SSWV 279 (1635)
Samuel Scheidt - Magnificat noni toni
Martin Lücker spielt Magnificat-Vertonungen anlässlich der Wiedereinweihung der restaurierten Johann Patroclus Möller-Orgel der Abteikirche Marienmünster.
Konzertmitschnitt vom 24. November 2012
Samuel Scheidt - Das Orgelwerk - Complete Organ Works - Ballo del Granduca, SSWV i8
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