Felipe Pedrell  
Felipe Pedrell
Felipe Pedrell, (born Feb. 19, 1841, Tortosa, Spain—died Aug. 19, 1922, Barcelona), Spanish composer and musical scholar who devoted his life to the development of a Spanish school of music founded on both national folk songs and Spanish masterpieces of the past.

When Pedrell was a choirboy, his imagination was first fired by contact with early Spanish church music. Largely self-taught, he composed several operas, mostly on national subjects. The first, El último Abencerraje, founded on a text by Chateaubriand, was produced in an Italian version in Barcelona in 1874. In 1891 he published his manifesto Por nuestra música, which attracted much attention; misunderstood as favouring Wagnerian reforms, it advocated a Spanish opera with musical roots in the Spanish folk song. He published an invaluable four-volume collection of folk songs, the Cancionero musical popular español. In the eight-volume Hispaniae schola musica sacra, Pedrell edited, for the first time, a vast quantity of early Spanish church, stage, and organ music, including the keyboard works of Antonio de Cabezón and the complete works of Tomás Luis de Victoria. At the same time, he was working on an operatic trilogy, the first part of which, Los Pirineos (“The Pyrenees”; to a Catalan libretto), was produced in an Italian version in 1902. The second part, La Celestina, though it contained some of his finest music, remained unperformed. As a composer, Pedrell was to a certain extent hampered by technical shortcomings. His influence on later Spanish composers, however, was incalculable, and his pupils included Manuel de Falla, Isaac Albéniz, and Enrique Granados. His editions of early Spanish music laid the foundations of Spanish musicology.

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Els Pirineus de Felip Pedrell
"Cançó de l'estel" (Acto 3)
Ofelia Sala, soprano
Dirección musical: Edmon Colomer
Orquestra Simfònica del Gran Teatre del Liceu
Pedrell - The Voice of the Mountains (1877)
Felipe Pedrell: «Al santo studio, al cielo» de "Quasimodo" (1875)
«Al santo studio, al cielo» de "Quasimodo" (1875)

Joan Martín-Royo, barítono
Orquesta del Gran Teatro del Liceo
Josep Vicent, director

Felipe Pedrell: «Ai, Tolosa i ai, Provença» de "Els Pirineus" (1902)
«Ai, Tolosa i ai, Provença» de "Els Pirineus" (1902)

Joan Martín-Royo, barítono
Orquesta y Coro del Gran Teatre del Liceu
Josep Vicent, director

En ocasión de "Els Pirineus" (Sesiones en el Foyer)
Felip Pedrell: Nocturno, op. 55
Liviu Morna, violín
Matthias Weinmann, violoncelo
Lluís Roselló, piano
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