Biagio Marini  
Biagio Marini
Biagio Marini (5 February 1594 – 20 March 1663) was an Italian virtuoso violinist and composer of the first half of the seventeenth century.
Marini was born in Brescia. His works were printed and influential throughout the European musical world. He traveled throughout his life, and occupied posts in Brussels, over thirty years in Neuburg an der Donau and Düsseldorf, and Venice in 1615,[clarification needed] joining Monteverdi's group at St. Mark's Cathedral, Padua, Parma, Ferrara, Milan, Bergamo, and Brescia in Italy. There is evidence that he married three times and had five children. He died in Venice.
Although he wrote both instrumental and vocal music, he is better known for his innovative instrumental compositions. He contributed to the early development of the string idiom by expanding the performance range of the solo and accompanied violin and incorporating slur, double and even triple stopping, and the first explicitly notated tremolo effects into his music. He was also among the first composers, after Marco Uccellini, to call for scordatura tunings. He made contributions to most of the contemporary genres and investigated unusual compositional procedures, like constructing an entire sonata without a cadence (as in his Sonata senza cadenza). At least some, and perhaps a great deal, of his output is lost, but that which survives exhibits his inventiveness, lyrical skill, harmonic boldness, and growing tendency toward common practice tonality. In addition to his violin works, he wrote music for the cornet, bassoon, and trombone.
One latter-day champion of Marini's music is the British violinist Andrew Manze, who has released a disc on the Harmonia Mundi label entitled Curiose e moderne inventioni devoted to Marini's music for strings.

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Biagio Marini: Sonata in echo for three violins
Biagio Marini, Sonata Terza, Variata Per Il Violino
Cristina Garcia Banegas, organo
Gaston Geronimo, violin barroco
Gustavo Reyna, guitarra barroca
Biagio Marini - Sonata quarta per sonar con due corde
Baroque Violin: Jin Kim
Baroque Cello: Mime Yamahiro
Theorbo: Regina Albanez
Cembalo: Ryunoske Okada
Invito a l'Allegrezza. Biagio Marini
Carmen Botella, tiple.
David Hernández, flauta de pico.
Belén Estival, tiorba.
Arparla - Biagio Marini
Biagio Marini Capriccios,Canzona,Passemezzo
Biagio Marini - Sonata Nona for 2 basses and B.C. - Venice 1629
Biagio Marini - Sonata Quarta (soprano, dulcian, harpsichord)
Biagio Marini, Litanie dei Santi 1/2, Gli Erranti ( A. Casari 1997)
Biagio MARINI - Balletto Secondo - Quarteto Arabesco
Quarteto Arabesco
Denys Stetsenko, baroque violin
Raquel Cravino, baroque violin
Lúcio Studer, baroque viola
Ana Raquel Pinheiro, baroque cello & Rui Paiva, organ
Biagio Marini - Sonate da Camera Sarabanda Op.22 No.3 C minor
Recorders : Kwang Joon Park, Boin Choi
Viola : Sung Chul Lee
Guitar : Yusik Kim
Musica Antiqua Köln - Biagio Marini - Sonata sopra la Monica
Biagio Marini - Passacalio
James Hewitt, Enrique Gomez [violins]
Pierre-Augustin Lay [cello]
Marco Vitale [organ]
Biagio Marini - Sonata in ecco con tre violini - Croatian Baroque Ensemble
Biagio Marini - Sonata sopra la Monica
Biagio Marini - Passacaglia a 4
Played by Nancy Hadden & Janet See (flute), Andrew Lawrence-King (harp) and Erin Headley (viola da gamba).
Biagio Marini: Passacaglio in G
Canzona- Biagio Marini
Biagio Marini - Sonata a quattro tromboni
Canti di Corte - Biagio Marini, "Sonata I, a 2 violini"
Sara Pastine and Federico Mechelli, violins, Giulia Novelli, cello, and Umberto Cerini, harpsichord, playing Marini's "Sonata 1" from op.VIII, printed in Venice on 1629.
Canti di Corte - Biagio Marini, "la Candela"
Davide Guarneri, oboe, Sara Pastine, violin, Giulia Novelli, cello, and Umberto Cerini, harpsichord, playing a work of Biagio Marini: "la Candela", sinfonia breve a 2 violini o cornetti, from "Affetti musicali" printed in Venice on 1617.
Sonata la Candela. Biagio Marini
Viola da Gamba: José Pablo Jiménez
Violín: Vladislav Badiarov
Violín: Eduardo Lomelí
Voz y Dirección: Liamna Pestana
Biagio Marini: Sonata
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