Halfdan Kjerulf  
Halfdan Kjerulf
Halfdan Kjerulf (15 September 1815 – 11 August 1868) was a Norwegian composer.

Kjerulf was born in Christiania (now Oslo). He was the son of a high government official. His early education was at Christiania University, for a legal career, but his studies ended in 1839 as a result of illness, and the next year he spent some time in Paris. Soon after his return his father and two siblings died and he took a job as editor at one of Oslo's main newspapers, Den Constitutionelle (1836–1847), where he worked until 1845.

He started his career as a music teacher and composer of songs before ever having seriously studied music at all, and not for ten years did he attract any particular notice. He was counted among the National Breakthrough movement in literature and painting and music, typified by the poet Johan Sebastian Welhaven, whose poems he set. In 1848 he studied with Carl Arnold, and after studying with Niels Gade in Copenhagen, the Norwegian Government paid for a year's instruction for him at Leipzig in 1850, where he was taught by Ernst Richter. For many years after his return to Norway, Kjerulf tried in vain to establish regular classical concerts, while he himself was working with Bjørnson and other writers at the composition of lyrical songs. He did present some concerts, at which he introduced the Norwegian public to Beethoven's Fifth Symphony and other standards otherwise little known to them. He obtained some official recognition during the 1860s. He died in Grefsen, near Christiania, in 1868, aged only 52.

His fame rests mainly on his beautiful and manly national partsongs and solos. His piano music is equally charming. Edvard Grieg was an enthusiastic admirer of it and he was undoubtedly influenced by it in writing his Lyric Pieces. It was recorded in its entirety in 2001 by Einar Steen-Nøkleberg.

His piano students included Agathe Backer-Grøndahl and Erika Nissen (then known as Erika Lie).

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Last Night
A song by Norwegian composer Halfdan Kjerulf
Halfdan Kjerulf - Spring Song
Halfdan Kjerulf - Romanse Song "Die Schwester"
'Die Schwester' (eng. "Sister") is one of many beautiful Romanser [songs] by Halfdan Kjerulf (1815 - 1868) who is regarded as the 'father' of this Norwegian genre.
Nils Grinde (professor emeritus) dedicated many years of his life to researching and editing the music of Kjerulf and has published a complete edition of the music with notes as well as an excellent and authoritative biography for which he has been awarded the gold medal.
Die Schwester is the first in a set of 6 songs with words by English poets translated into Norwegian and set to music by Kjerulf and now available as a collection for voice and piano or voice and orchestra from Trübcher Publishing. The orchestration of the accompaniment is by Roz Trübger and the original poem of 'Die Schwester 'is by Felicia Hemans.
The performance you are hearing has been computer generated.
Halfdan Kjerulf - Romanse Song 'Serenade' (Beauty's Daughters)
A love song by the Norwegian composer Halfdan Kjerulf which I have arranged for voice and orchestra to reveal better all the beautiful colours and richness of the harmony. It is published as part of "Six Romanser on British Poems" and the sheet music is available for voice & piano and also for voice and orchestra from Trübcher Publishing.
Kjerulf set the song on a translation of a poem by Lord Byron. For this edition new words in English are included based on the original poem.
The performance is virtual and created using GPO4 and "Voices of Passion"
The orchestrations are dedicated in loving memory of Nils Grinde who did so much to collect, publish and promote Kjerulf's music.
Halfdan Kjerulf: Wiegenlied, Vuggevise, Lullaby (piano)
Wiegenlied, Vuggevise, Lullaby, Op. 4 No 3. (1853)
Claus Jørgensen, piano
Hanne Rasmussen, Photos
Robert Finley plays Idyll Op 4 by Halfdan Kjerulf
Halfdan Kjerulf (1815-1868) was a Norwegian composer and contemporary of Edvard Grieg. He
wrote this nice piano piece, Idyll Op.4, which I heard on the classical radio station in Boston,
played by Einar Steen-Nøkleberg. I decided to play it during my recital at the Chethams School
of Music in Manchester England on August 18th 2013.
Einar Steen Nokleberg plays Halfdan Kjerulf Idyl in A, HK 111
Halfdan Kjerulf: 6 New Sketches Op. 12 No. 3 - 'Elegie'
Played by Phillip Sear
Halfdan Kjerulf: 6 New Sketches Op. 12 No. 5 - 'Berceuse'
Played by Phillip Sear
Vilma CIRULE plays Wiegenlied / Lullaby by Norwegian composer Halfdan Kjerulf
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