Joseph Joachim  
Joseph Joachim

Joseph Joachim
Joseph Joachim, (born June 28, 1831, Kittsee, near Pressburg, Austria-Hungary—died Aug. 15, 1907, Berlin, Ger.), Hungarian violinist known for his masterful technique and his interpretations of works of Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven.

Joachim first studied at Budapest, and at age seven he appeared with his teacher S. Serwaczyński. In 1844 he visited London, where he was sponsored by Mendelssohn and achieved an outstanding success. In 1849 he led the orchestra at Weimar, and in 1853, the orchestra at Hannover. In 1868 he became director of the Hochschule für Ausübende Tonkunst (Berlin), where he acquired a reputation as a fine teacher, attracting pupils from all of Europe. In 1869 he founded the Joachim Quartet, which became renowned for its performances of the late string quartets of Beethoven.

In his playing, Joachim subordinated technical virtuosity to aesthetic values, and he thus brought about a reform in program making that turned away from the spectacular. His close friend Johannes Brahms consulted with him on his violin concerto and dedicated it to him, and Schumann’s Phantasy for Violin and Orchestra was written for him. Joachim’s own compositions, influenced by Brahms and Schumann, comprise chiefly works for the violin, notably the Hungarian Concerto in D Minor.

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The famous Joachim Quartet. From left to right: Robert Hausmann (cello), Josef Joachim (1st violin), Emanuel Wirth (viola) and Karel Halíř (2nd violin)
Joseph Joachim - Violin Concerto, Op 11 - Oliveira, Botstein
Violin Concerto in the Hungarian Manner, Op 11

00:00 Allegro un poco maestro
24:31 Romance. Andante
34:00 Finale alla Zingara. Allegro con spirito

Elmar Oliveira, violin

London Philharmonic Orchestra
Leon Botstein, conductor


Joseph Joachim Quartet
Tobias Feldmann & Boris Kusnezow | Joseph Joachim | Romance No. 1 | Joachim Competition | 2012
22 year old German Violinist Tobias Feldmann performing the Joseph Joahim's Romance No.1 Op. 2 with pianist Boris Kusnezow in the preliminary round of the 2012 Joseph Joachim International Violin Competition, Hannover | Tobias, a student of Professor Antje Weithaas at the Berlin Conservatory of Music 'Hanns Eisler', was awarded 3rd Prize

Josef Joachim
Joseph Joachim (1831--1907) - Hamlet Overture, Op.4
Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra
Meir Minsky

Joseph and Amalie Joachim
Joachim plays Joachim - Romance
Joseph Joachim - Romance in C major

Joseph Joachim (violin) Recorded: 1903


Joseph Joachim (1853) by Adolph Menzel
Joseph Joachim - Ouverture "In Memoriam Heinrich von Kleist", Op.13 (1877)
Ouverture "In Memoriam Heinrich von Kleist", Op.13 (1877)

Orchestra: Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra

Conductor: Meir Minsky

Joseph Joachim - Overture in C major
This Overture in C major by Josef Joachim, was composed in 1896 for the imperial birthday of the Kaiser of Germany. It was first performed on 3 February 1896 in Berlin's Royal Academy of Arts. This festive piece marked not only the anniversary of the Kaiser's entry into the world but a 30th anniversary for its composer; in 1866 Joachim had taken over the directorship of the newly founded Music Academy. Joachim was to be largely responsible for the extraordinary reputation it achieved over the next three decades. This performance by Maastricht Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Roland Bader.
Joseph Joachim - Henry IV Overture, Op 7 - Botstein
London Philharmonic Orchestra
Leon Botstein, conductor
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