Carl Heinrich Graun  
Carl Heinrich Graun

Carl Heinrich Graun
Carl Heinrich Graun (7 May 1704 – 8 August 1759) was a German composer and tenor singer. Along with Johann Adolph Hasse, he is considered to be the most important German composer of Italian opera of his time.
Carl Heinrich Graun, Carl also spelled Karl (born May 7, 1704, Wahrenbrück, Saxony—died Aug. 8, 1759, Berlin), German composer of operas and sacred music, known especially for his Passion oratorio Der Tod Jesu.

Graun was a chorister in Dresden, where as a youth he composed several cantatas for church services and worked under the Neapolitan-opera composer Antonio Lotti. In 1725 he made his debut in opera as a tenor at Brunswick. But he was dissatisfied with the arias given him and rewrote them; he then began composing entire operas. At Brunswick he also composed six operas and two Passions.

He became music director to Frederick the Great (then crown prince) in 1735 and in 1740 recruited singers for Frederick’s Italian opera company.

While in royal service, Graun composed about 30 operas to Italian words, two of them, Montezuma and Merope, to librettos by Frederick. For about 150 years his Der Tod Jesu (1755), like Handel’s Messiah in England, was performed annually in Germany during Holy Week.

His Te Deum (1757) was written to celebrate the Prussian victory at Prague. Graun’s compositions also include harpsichord concerti, trio sonatas, and other chamber works.

As a composer, Graun was a leading exponent of the preclassical Berlin school, which also included C.P.E. Bach, Graun’s elder brother, Johann Gottlieb (1703–71), and Frederick the Great himself. His music shows a combination of old and new melodic and formal concepts. His operas are highly Italianized in the predominant Neapolitan style.

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Carl Heinrich Graun: „Der Tod Jesu" (Passionsoratorium)
"Der Tod Jesu" (Passionsoratorium, 1755)

Sabine Goetz - Sopran
Ena Maria Aldecoa - Sopran
Martin Erhard -- Tenor
Raimonds Spogis -- Bass

Recitativo secco:
Alexander Strauß -- Cembalo, Orgel
Franziska Finckh - Violoncello

Das Karlsruher Barockorchester
Die Durlacher Kantorei
Musikalische Leitung: Johannes Blomenkamp

Mit Förderung des Kulturamt der Stadt Karlsruhe,
des Regierungspräsidium Karlsruhe, und
des Durlacher Förderkreises für Kirchenmusik.

Tontechnik: Wolfgang Heitz
Schnitt und Bildregie: Dr. Tom Frinta

Copyright 2013 Isis Concert Group. All rights reserved.

0:00:00 #1 Choral, #2 Coro
0:05:23 #3 Recitativo, #4 Aria (Sopran 1)
0:16:20 #5 Coro
0:17:49 #6 Recitativo, #7 Aria (Sopran 2)
0:28:45 #8 Recitativo, #9 Aria (Tenor)
0:40:06 #10 Coro
0:43:31 #11 Choral
0:44:45 #12 Recitativo, #13 Aria (Bass)
0:56:11 #14 Coro, #15 Choral
1:00:44 #16 Recitativo, #17 Duetto (Sopran 1+2)
1:12:55 #18 Recitativo, #19 Aria (Sopran 1+2)
1:22:00 #20 Coro, #21 Choral
1:26:33 #22 Recitativo, #23 Accompagnemento (Bass)
1:37:57 #24 Choral, #25 Coro

Carl Heinrich Graun : Harpsichord Concerto in C Minor (Complete) - Rare Baroque Music
1 ) Allegro
All'armi, al cimento!- C.H Graun "Cleopatra e Cesare"
Directed by Rene Jacobs
performed by:
Janet Williams
Iris Vermillion
Lynne Dawson
Robert Gambill
-----concerto Koln
(Harmonia mundi)
Carl Heinrich Graun - TE DEUM
1. Te Deum Laudamus 0:00
2. Te Gloriosus 7:01
3. Te Per Orbem 8:56
4. Tu Rex Gloriae 13:32
5. Tu, Ad Liberandum 16:04
6. Tu Ad Dexteram Dei 20:06
7. Te Ergo Quaesumus 22:39
8. Salvum Fac 30:19
9. Et Rege Eos 33:48
10. Dignare, Domine 36:35
11. In Te, Domine, Speravi 42:08

L'Arpa Festante
Basler Madrigalisten
Friitz Naf Conductor

Carl Heinrich Graun: Gigue
C.H. Graun - Abgrund krache Tod erzittre
'Abgrund krache Tod erzittre' - aria from the Weihnachts-Oratorium (Christmas Oratorio)

Klaus Mertens
Das Kleine Konzert
Hermann Max

Cecilia Bartoli - Sacrificum Carl Heinrich Graun Misero pargoletto
Carl Heinrich Graun - Three Motets for Chorus and B.c.
1. Herr, Ich Habe Lieb Die Statte Deines Hauses 0:00
2. Lasset Uns Freuen Und Frohlich Sein 2:30
3. Machet Die Tore Weit 5:22

L'arpa Festante
Basler Madrigalisten
Fritz Naf

Carl Heinrich Graun Christmas Oratorio - Soprano Duet (Movement 7)
Avery Leigh Draut - Soprano
Olivia Greene - Soprano
Jason Vodicka - Conductor
Members and alumni of choral and instrumental ensembles of the UGA Hodgson School of Music
C.H. Graun - Die Sterblichkeit gebiert das Leben
Die Sterblichkeit gebiert das Leben' - aria from the Weihnachts-Oratorium (Christmas Oratorio)

Ingrid Schmithüsen
Das Kleine Konzert
Hermann Max

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