Henri Duparc  
Henri Duparc
Henri Duparc, original name Henri Fouques-duparc (born Jan. 21, 1848, Paris, Fr.—died Feb. 12, 1933, Mont-de-Marsan), French composer known for his original and lasting songs on poems of Charles Baudelaire, Leconte de Lisle, Théophile Gautier, and others.

Duparc studied with César Franck at the Jesuit College of Vaugirard. In 1869 he met Franz Liszt and Richard Wagner at Weimar and in 1870 published five songs (Cinq Mélodies, Opus 2). Two of them, “Soupir” and “Chanson triste,” were later incorporated in his collection of songs, written between 1868 and 1884, including eight with orchestral accompaniment. In these songs, Duparc enlarged the French song into a scena, or opera-like scene, and brought to it a poetic sense of musical prosody and a symphonic conception of form. In his youth Duparc wrote two orchestral works, Aux Étoiles (To the Stars) and Lénore, and a motet. He was also keenly interested in Russian literature, planning an opera, Roussalka, based on a narrative poem by Aleksandr Pushkin. About 1890 his creative faculties began to be undermined by doubts, and he thereafter produced little. In a spirit of severe self-criticism, he destroyed nearly all his subsequent works and sketches, together with his earlier unpublished manuscripts and the correspondence addressed to him by Wagner and contemporary poets. During the latter part of his life he was associated with two French Catholic writers, Francis Jammes and Paul Claudel, and composed the song “Testament” (1906–13), the text of which is a prose prayer.

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Songs of Henri Duparc
I. Measha Brueggergosman: Chanoson triste 00:00
II. Susan Graham: Romance de Mignon 03:01
III. Régine Crespin: L'invitation au voyage 07:00
IV. Jessye Norman: Phidylé 11:46
V. Régine Crespin: Elégie 17:27
VI. Kate Royal: Extase 20:51
VII. Jessye Norman: La vie anterieure 24:00
VIII. Lawrence Brownlee: Le manoir de Rosemonde 28:32
IX. Régine Crespin: Testament 31:14

Dalton Baldwin -IV, VII
Malcolm Martineau -II, VI
John Wustman -III, V, IX
Justus Zeyen -I
Iain Burnside -VIII

Henri DUPARC - L'Invitation au voyage (Charles Baudelaire) - Bruno LAPLANTE
Dame Kiri Te Kanawa sings "L'invitation au voyage"
Dame Kiri Te Kanawa sings "L'invitation au voyage" by Henri Duparc (1848-1933). Piano / Roger Vignoles. Recorded from the recital "Chanson de la France" , 1986.
Cesare Valletti sings Duparc songs (5)
Five songs by Henri Duparc with tenor Cesare Valletti and pianist Leo Taubman.

1. "Chanson triste"
2. "Extase"
3. "L'invitation au voyage"
4. "Phidylé"
5. "Le manoir de Rosemonde"

Four Songs of Henri Duparc
A live performance of four art songs by Henri Duparc. I. L'Invitation au Voyage, II. Chanson Triste, III. Le Manoir de Rosamonde, IV. Le Vie Anterieure. Christina Christensen, mezzo soprano, and Carson Rose Schneider, piano.
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