Robert Cambert  
Robert Cambert

Robert Cambert, (born c. 1627 or 1628, Paris, France—died 1677, London, Eng.), the first French composer of opera, though the dramatic sense of the word cannot be applied to any of his works.

Cambert was a pupil of the harpsichord composer Jacques Chambonnières and in 1662 became superintendent of music to the dowager queen, Anne of Austria. In 1659 he collaborated with the poet Pierre Perrin in his first stage work, the Pastorale d’Issy. In 1669 Louis XIV granted Cambert and Perrin the exclusive right to produce operatic performances in France. They founded the first Royal Academy of Music and opened it in 1671 with their masterpiece, the five-act pastoral opera Pomone. In 1672, however, Jean-Baptiste Lully managed to gain the royal “opera privilege” from Cambert, and in consequence Cambert left France for England. Two of his operas were performed in London, and he founded a short-lived Royall Academy of Musick in Covent Garden. He died in London, supposedly poisoned by a servant.

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Cambert - "Pomone"
Opéra français en cinq actes et un prologue (Paris 1671)
Libretto: Pierre Perrin

1. Prologue - Overture 0:00
2. La Nymphe de la seine 3:02
3. ACTE 1 - Second Overture 7:43
4. Passons nos jours dans ces vergers 9:24
5. Recitativo (Flore) 13:23
6. Le dieu des jardins 15:25
7. Recitativo (Faune) 16:31
8. Jardinier puis les trois jardiniers ensemble 17:29
9. Entrée des bouviers 19:58
10. Faune, le dieu des Jardins 20:38
11. Air (Faune) 21:50
12. Ritournelle 23:25
13. ACTE 2 - Air (Beroe) 26:33
14. Air (Vertumne) 28:12
15. Air (Beroe) 29:36
16. Que voyez-vous, mes yeux 30:25
17. Recitativo (Beroe) 31:33
17. Intermède 32:02

Hugo Reyne
La Simphonie du Marais

Robert Cambert - Pomone Passons nos jours dans ces vergers
Pomone - (Robert Cambert) - LE ROI DANSE
Cambert - Que voyez-vous, mes yeux
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