John Bull  
John Bull
John Bull, (born c. 1562, –63, Radnorshire, Wales?—died March 12/13, 1628, Antwerp, Spanish Netherlands [now in Belgium]), English composer of outstanding technical ability and a keyboard virtuoso.

Bull was educated as a chorister of the Chapel Royal in London. In December 1582 he was appointed organist and the following month choirmaster at Hereford Cathedral; but in 1585 he returned to the Chapel Royal, where in 1591 he succeeded William Blitheman, his former music teacher, as organist. Bull became a doctor of music at the universities of both Oxford and Cambridge.

In 1596 he was appointed by Elizabeth I to the professorship of music at the newly founded Gresham College in London. In 1601 he traveled in France, Germany, and the Netherlands, where his virtuosity as a keyboard player was much admired. On his return to England he continued in the royal service, and although he resigned his professorship in 1607 in order to marry, he was evidently highly esteemed at court, being named doctor of music to the king in 1612. In 1613, however, he left England and entered the service of the Archduke Albert in Brussels. Bull remained in the Netherlands, becoming in 1616 organist at the Cathedral of Antwerp.

Little of Bull’s vocal music survives, and his reputation rests on his extensive compositions for virginals and organ (some 150 extant pieces), published in Musica Britannica (1951). His music is distinguished less by emotional depth or freshness of invention than by an unfailing resourcefulness in devising keyboard figuration. Bull combined with an essentially conservative outlook a taste for technical experiment and the solution of unusual problems—enharmonic modulations, for example, and asymmetrical rhythmic patterns. His command of the English virginalists’ technique undoubtedly had an influence on his friend and contemporary J.P. Sweelinck, the Amsterdam organist, and through him on Samuel Scheidt and the north German school.

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Antwerp Cathedral, painted c. 1820 by Domenico Quaglio the Younger. Bull worked as organist of the cathedral from 1615 until his death.
John Bull Pavana from the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book
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