Johann Christian Bach  
Johann Christian Bach
Johann Christian Bach, (born Sept. 5, 1735, Leipzig [Germany]—died Jan. 1, 1782, London, Eng.), composer called the “English Bach,” youngest son of J.S. and Anna Magdalena Bach and prominent in the early Classical period.

J.C. Bach received his early training from his father and, probably, from his father’s cousin Johann Elias Bach. After his father’s death (1750) he worked with his half-brother, C.P.E. Bach, in Berlin.

At the age of 20 he made his way to Italy and in 1756 became a pupil of Padre Martini in Bologna. Having a grace and tactfulness of manner notably lacking in older generations of Bachs, he found a generous patron; his compositions, though immature, were in a serious style and largely liturgical. Having become a Catholic convert, he was appointed organist of Milan cathedral in 1760. His conversion was thought cynical and reprehensible by his strongly Lutheran family, from whom he became somewhat estranged. His taste next turned to opera, and he was thought to have neglected his official organist’s duties.

In 1762 he became composer to the King’s Theatre in London and wrote a number of successful Italian operas for it. He also produced much orchestral, chamber, and keyboard music, and a few cantatas. He started his fashionable series of concerts two years later with the celebrated viola da gamba player Karl Friedrich Abel. Receiving a lucrative appointment as music master to Queen Charlotte and her children, he became a social as well as a musical success. In 1772 he was invited to write an opera for the German elector at Mannheim.

J.C. Bach’s music reflects the pleasant melodiousness of the galant, or Rococo, style. Its Italianate grace influenced composers of the Classical period, particularly Mozart, who learned from and greatly respected Bach. His symphonies, contemporary with those of Haydn, were among the formative influences on the early Classical symphony; his sonatas and keyboard concerti performed a similar role. Although he never grew to be a profound composer, his music was always sensitive and imaginative.

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Manuscript page of Bach's Salve regina
Johann Christian Bach (1735-1782) Piano Concertos
Anthony Halstead, pianoforte
Members of The Hannover Band
Anthony Halstead

Concerto no.1 in C major, Op.7

Concerto no.2 in F major, Op.7
Allegretto con spirito
Tempo di Minuetto

Concerto no.3 in D major, Op.7
Allegro con spirito
Rondeau : Allegretto

Concerto nº4 in B - flat major, Op.7
Allegro giusto
Allegro di molto

Concerto nº5 in E - flat major, Op.7
Allegro di molto

Concerto no.7 in G major, Op.7

JC Bach Symphonies Concertantes C 36b, 37, 5 and Violin Concerto
Johann Christian Bach - Sinfonia in D major, Op. 18, No. 4
Hanspeter Gmur, conductor
Failoni Orchestra Budapest

Johann Christian Bach - Sinfonia in D major, Op. 18, No. 4
I. Allegro con spirito
II. Andante
III. Rondo: Presto

Johann Christian Bach - Sinfonia Concertante in C-major, T289, No.4 (1775)
Sinfonia Concertante in C-major, T289, No.4

Mov.I: Allegro 00:00
Mov.II: Larghetto 07:27
Mov.III: Allegretto 13:35

Flute: Rachel Brown
Oboe: Frank de Bruine
Violin: Simon Standage
Cello: Davíd Watkin

Orchestra: The Academy of Ancient Music

Conductor: Simon Standage

Johann Christian Bach - Adriano in Siria - Ouverture
Adriano in Siria, opera seria in three acts, first performance 1765, London.

Libretto: Pietro Metastasio


Orchestra: The Academy of Ancient Music

Conductor: Simon Standage

London 1782

Allegro - Andante - Menuetto - Presto


Johann Christian Bach - Flute Concertos en D and G
J. C. Bach - Duet for Two Pianos in G Major - Mov. 1/2
Duet for two pianofortes in G major Op. 15

1. Allegro

Performed by Christopher Hogwood
Christophe Rousset, pianofortes

Johann Christian Bach - Bassoon Concerto in E-flat major, W C82
Bassoon Concerto in E-flat major, W C82

Mov.I: Allegro spirituoso 00:00
Mov.II: Largo ma non tanto 08:44
Mov.III: Tempo di menuetto, più tosto allegro 17:44

Bassoon: George Zukerman

Orchestra: Württembergisches Kammerorchester, Heilbronn

Conductor: Jörg Faerber

Johann Christian Bach - Oboe Concerto in F-major, T291 (1770)
Oboe Concerto in F-major, T291 (1770)

Mov.I: Andante 00:00
Mov.II: Larghetto 08:57
Mov.III: Rondeau: Allegretto 16:09

Oboist: Helen Jahren

Orchestra: Musica Vitae

Conductor: Peter Csaba

Johann Christian Bach Piano Sonatas Op 17 N 1-6, Hoeren
JC Bach - Symphonies Concertantes C 36a, C 39, C 40
JC Bach Symphonies Concertantes C 44 b,C 41,C 34,C 79
JC Bach - Symphonies Concertantes C 46,C 38,C 35,Halstead
Johann Christian Bach Missa da Requiem
Johann Christian Bach "Salve Regina"
"Salve Regina" in E flat Major for Soprano
and Orchestra by Johann Christian Bach
Margaret Marshall, soprano
Die Deutschen Barocksolisten
Rudolf Ewerhart, conductor and organ
Johann Christian Bach - Endimione - Aria di Diana - Semplicetto, ancor non sai
Endimione, opera seria in two parts, first performance 1772, London.

Libretto: Pietro Metastasio

Aria di Diana: Semplicetto, ancor non sai

Diana: Vasiljka Jevovsek

Orchestra: Capella Coloniensis

Conductor: Bruno Weil

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