Thoinot Arbeau

Thoinot Arbeau "Orchesographie"
Thoinot Arbeau is the anagrammatic pen name of French cleric Jehan Tabourot (March 17, 1519 - July 23, 1595). Tabourot is most famous for his Orchésographie, a study of late sixteenth-century French Renaissance social dance. He was born in Dijon and died in Langres.
Thoinot Arbeau, original name Jehan Tabourot (born March 17, 1520, Dijon, Fr.—died July 23, 1595, Langres), theoretician and historian of the dance, whose Orchésographie (1588) contains carefully detailed, step-by-step descriptions of 16th-century and earlier dance forms.

Ordained a priest in 1530, he became a canon at Langres (1547), where he was encouraged to pursue his studies by the Jesuits, who considered dance to be educationally important.


Orchésographie is written in the form of a dialogue between the author and a student. Such dances as the pavane, gavotte, and allemande are not only exactly described but also usually illustrated and directly associated with their musical forms. The book also outlines principles that, more than a century later, formed the basis of the five fundamental positions of the feet in classical ballet. In addition to its wealth of technical information, it is an interesting account of social behaviour and manners.

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